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by Cornelia Bader

Back to the Roots – the Trailer

And here we go, the brandnew trailer to my scify movieBACK TO THE ROOTS” ( Turn on “captions” for the english subtitles:

There are just a few vfx shots in there (20, can you find them all? Including the ugly mistakes?) because I am currently the only vfx person working on this movie. Great 😉 No time for nothing, hence the mistakes in the trailer ;D

When more VFX Shots are done, there will be another trailer with awesome matte paintings, awesome landscapes and… well it will just be awesome 😉


Back to the Roots – Behind the Scenes

Everyone likes pictures, don’t *you*? 😉 A nice change to the tutorials on this site.


fx make up hand

fx mask tree arm Shantia Ullmann Phil Strahl Cornelia Bader

Markus Fisher, Back to the Roots

Lissa Schwerm, Back to the Roots

Ingrid Mülleder, Back to the Roots


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Back to the Roots – an atypical scify movie

More information about my scify movie “BACK TO THE ROOTS” (fall 2013). Click on “read the rest of this entry” to read all about the setting and the plot:

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Simple Projections within Maya

Phil Strahl Projections

This is not one of my own tutorials, but Phil Strahl describes an important topic within Maya: simple projections, how to deal with focal lengths and how to line up 3d geometry with its photographed equivalent.

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How to capture a good HDRI

hdr by lavuelta (flickr)

An overview of how to capture HDR images that are production-ready for CG.

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Object/Geometry Tracking with PF Track: Human Head

In this tutorial I will show you how to track an object in your camera shot (in my case a human head) with PFTRack. It does not matter if your camera is moving or stationary, because the steps for object tracking stay the same. However, with a moving camera you will have to track your camera movement on top of tracking your geometry if you need to place other objects in the scene.

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Thick Smoke with Maya Fluids

There are not many tutorials on how to create thick smoke with Maya Fluids, so I thought I’d write one ;D

a quick rendering

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